The Old Slate Yard 

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The Old Slate Yard 
Is situated in the heart of Forest Gate London.
The Yard was estiblished  in 1982 by my late grandfather buying & selling second hand slates. 
Hence why we called the yard ''The Old Slate Yard,'' in memory of him.

The Yard has always been a family run bussiness.

My Grandfathers children began to work at the yard
where it began to expand more with the reclaimed side of things where they began to do
Roofing Tiles, Fittings, Chimney Pots & Bricks. 

Since then, The Old Slate Yard has now expanded even more. 
​Not only do we have more varity and unique

reclaimed & Salvage materials within the yard.​
We now have a florist and a Garden Center on the premises.

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